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natural gynecology

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Natural Gynecology is the name that has been given to the traditional knowledge of Brazilian indigenous populations that have been passed through generations. It is not a field of official medicine and it does not intend to replace it, rather working with it hand in hand. One of the central assumptions of Natural Gynecology is to reach the root of health issues, not only treating the symtoms. It is as if illnesses were a language that the body found to communicate with us when we have not paid attention to it for a while. In addition to understanding these meanings and bringing them to consciousness, these practices value the knowledge and power of plants. Herbs, flowers, and fruits in teas, vaporizations, baths, and many other techniques activate the full potential of healing.   

Get to know the history of Dona Flor, a quilombola root woman from the Moinho community, in Alto Paraíso-GO (in Portuguese).

Interview with Simone Takua, indigenous leader and guardian of Tupi Mbya knowledge and indigenous phytotherapy for feminine cycles (in Portuguese).

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