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"I really enjoyed the ayurvedic consultation with Caju! She has great sensitivity and an attentive listening, which made me feel welcome in all my complaints, especially about food. I have always had a sensitive stomach, and with Ayurveda I could better understand my body's mechanisms and how to make everything more balanced, with easy and accessible changes to my routine. I strongly recommend it!"

Ana Baldin

"Do you know that moment of reconnection and relaxation that is just yours? Carla's massage was like that for me. I loved it from the beginning to the end. I felt very well and welcome. The oils are delicious and the massage let your skin wonderful, hydrated."

Fabiana Helena Franzolin

"Thank you very much Carla for the excellent quality of your Ayurvedic massage, your hands are magical!
Not only did my entire body feel relaxed and relieved of tensions after the treatment but also, my state of mind felt settled and awakened for a long while after the massage. Carla was very professional, kind and attentive to my needs.
I will return very soon!"

Marie Saumon

"I had a deeply relaxing and nourishing experience with Carla. She is very dedicated to her practice, takes great care in her assessment to choose the oils and method that fit your needs. Overall she is a very thoughtful person which I strongly recommend!"

Julien Beladina

"Thank you so much dear Carla for your wonderful massage! I could really let go and relax with you. You have a very attentive and mindful approach. I will definitely come back."

Maïté Muller

"What I enjoyed the most about the consultation is Caju's ability to integrate millennial branches of wisdom. The massage is an amazing experience of self-care, guided by aromas and nourishment of the body and soul. As for the Moon Flowers, I was extremely surprised, as the flowers I used were totally connected to the challenges I was experiencing. I enjoyed the meetings, I found it very cool to share experiences with the group."

Paulo Thomaz de Aquino

"The study group on Moon flowers was perfect. It helped build the perspective that the way you think and feel can have different strands. Listening to the experiences of others provides you with a sense that you are not alone."

José Dias

"What an amazing, soothing and relaxing massage! I usually prefer deeper and stronger massages and was very surprised how much I thoroughly enjoyed Carla's 90-minute relaxation massage. Her touch and technique are incredible and she really knows what she is doing. She also exudes a positive and calming energy. I had the 90 minute massage and will definitely be back. I highly recommend her massages!"

Mia Voss

"Great experience. Carla takes ayurvedic treatments to a different level, with excellent technique and kindness. Impossible not to leave without feeling relaxed and in tune with life. Really recommend it."

Luiz de Andrade Filho

"Carla has magical hands. She creates a wonderful and relaxing experience since you enter by the door of the atelier. Carla makes an ode to the senses. Definitely highly recommendable if you want to have a time for you and send love to your all self. Last week I bought the experience as a present for my mum. She simply loved it💚"

Malena Rivero

"Knowing Ayurveda through Carla's hands was a privilege. Her analysis is precise and generous! Care and affection are stimuli for new journeys."

Stela Maris Bilemjian

"Until recently I only knew traditional relaxing massage. It was then that Carla introduced me to ayurvedic massage and the experience was amazing. Carla has fairy hands and perfectly combines ayurvedic techniques, making use of essential oils proper to our dosha with precise touches, which stimulate an intense connection of the patient with mind and body. It brings a sensation of unparalleled lightness. I can say that it is indeed healing and invigorating. Almost always, necessary."

Amanda Simões Brandão

"I had 2 very nice consultations with Carla, focused on my main concerns and also on the introduction to the Ayurveda system.
She was very attentive and kind during the process and it has been amazing to know more about this old holistic healing system with her and to feel all the benefits I can already notice in my body and health."

Clara Naveiro

"I truly recommend this treatment/ consultation, this place and Carla. It was a journey of self-awareness, self-knowledge and a lot of learning. Carla helped me to understand the most important touching points of my mental and physical health. I’ve learned how to improve my diet, understand my triggers and consequently I could have a better life. Fair fees and excellent personal communication."

Marcela Vitorelli

"The massage I had at Integrare Atelier was just fantastic. Very relaxing. Will come back."

Nelson Linhares Jr.

"Receiving Carla's massage is special. There is a different approach according to what you need! Warm oil, which for me is essential, a touch in the right measure, not too soft and not too intense, a precise touch. A relaxing and welcoming massage, with a little tea at the end! A delight!" 

Daniella Toniolo

"Being taken care by Carla was a delightful experience. It was like seeing myself through the eyes of somebody else, which allowed me to understand my body better. It was a masterclass of self-knowledge. The massage was delicious, it is a pitty that it has to end! I felt like receiving an extra dosis of wanting to take care of myself. I am thankful for the opportunity to get in touch with Ayurveda milenar knowledge."

Lívia Andrade

"I had an amazing experience with Carla, both in discussing Ayurvedic treatments and with her massage. She is a warm, very attentive, and professional person. Massage left me as new, all stress disappeared into thin air!! Will definitely do it again and recommend to friends."

Melanie Wahl

"I knew nothing about ayurveda. Carla gave me my 1st massage according to my dosha. She really took her time and I could still feel the effects of the relaxation several days later. I'd highly recommend it! It was a really beneficial experience for me. Many thanks again for this delicious moment :)"

Coralie Gallego

"My favourite massage is at Integrare Atelier, Carla helps me every time to forget the stress of everyday life and to relax. Thank you, I can't wait to come back for another moment of relaxation."

Nicoleta Blejusca

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