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Carla Borges


Some call me Carla, others Caju. I grew up climbing trees, picking fruit and making art. I write poetry, I love plants, I like to dance. I worked for many years in public policy and more recently I decided to take up an old dream of dedicating myself to care. I discovered in Ayurveda and in the knowledge of Brazilian native peoples, holistic approaches that focus not only on the physical body, but also on the mental, emotional and spiritual, treating the roots of imbalances, beyond the symptoms. As I immersed myself in these millenary practices and healed myself, I consolidated the desire to contribute so that more people could access this knowledge and reconnect with their bodies and their origins. That is how Integrare was born.



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Integrare is my healing atelier, a space for reconnection. First, with ourselves, an invitation to take responsibility over our own health, to know our own particularities, and to restore the body's capacity to rebalance itself. Then, with the environment to which we belong. As the natives say, there is no separation between us and nature: we are nature. Finally, it is an invitation to reconnect also with those around us. We are unique, complementary beings, interconnected by the web of life. Recovering these links in practice is a permanent search. For this, it is necessary to go back inside, learn to listen and decode the body's messages, giving it what it asks for at each moment of the day, year, and life. Come with me, learn how to take care of yourself, of ourselves, and of the planet!


questions and appointments via WhatsApp:

+352 621 654 975


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