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moon flowers

We know that most diseases of our physical body originate in the emotional and spiritual bodies. Flower essences seek to restore the balance between these dimensions. They bring the delicacy of flowers and, as such, work on very deep issues in a subtle way. In Brazil, their use is quite widespread - especially the Bach Flower Essences, developed in the 1930s to work on emotions. The Moon Flowers were conceived four years ago by Anna Sazanoff, recognized for her work in Natural Gynecology. Made out of thirteen tropical flowers, they focus on healing and rebalancing the yin energy, which is the feminine energy present in all beings. This is the main objective of this work: to balance the feminine and the masculine in us.

Preparing the flower remedies is a true ritual. The alchemy begins from the choice of components to the phase of the moon that is most appropriate for each preparation. Every variable matters. The base is made of water collected from springs and other sacred places. The rest of the magic is left to the motherflowers channeled and prepared by Anna. And so the power of the flowers is activated and directed to its healing purpose. In the video I show you a little bit of this process!

Check Anna Sazannof's interview to Maria Peres about the creation of the flower essence system, the oracle, and the message of each flower (in Portuguese).

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